Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday's Entry: COATS

This gentleman's ensemble was outstanding
 The following interlude is because i love Adele. I saw her in concert years back (before they piled awards upon her supple voice) she just stood there and sang but her voice was good enough to warrant standing through a concert where she sang the songs exactly as heard on the CD. Her voice is something else! Plus i think she's cute as a button with her bum chin, pout, and liquid eyeliner.

Blast from the past...I don't know this woman. She wore this of her own volition. The flow was quite nice. The girls to the right in the back packs said, "'s good to not care what society thinks, but really?" What do you think of that?...
 Midtown Manhattan
Love the short blocky red boots with the leopard print. Sorry for the blurr. I was running to my next appointment.

 Upper West Side, Manhattan
Gorgeous Doris. This girl is an inspiration in person and beauty. Hopefully I'll get to feature her again: in a portrait during daylight. She said "I'm a flower kinda girl."

Some people are just all their own...

42nd Street, Manhattan

Union Square, Manhattan: The Artists' Circle
Belted Coat

 In Conversation....

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trip to the Museum

The Metropolitan Museum of New York City

Photo of a photo by Lewis Hines (read above). "Newsies"
Photo of a photo by Lewis Hines. "Addie Card." This is why Child Labor Laws needed to be created and enforced.

Jules Bastien-LePage "Joan of Arc." ...Absolutely STRIKING.

Man considering Van Gogh

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday's Entry

East side, Manhattan
Visiting from California

Rockefeller Center, Manhattan
Hand holding


Rockefeller Center Skating Rink at Night

Mr. Wonderful, Center Stage

Washington Square Park, Manhattan

Love the black pumps

These guys had the best attitude. I snagged their picture right before my station stop and they were amiable and went immediately into picture-taking mode :) ha! I guess you have to be, going out with artistically-rendered surgical face masks. It was a rough day in NYC today so i hope this brightens your day a little!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday's Entry

swing coat and block shoes

checkers and specs

 Central Park, Manhattan
A dog day in winter
 Upper West Side, Manhattan
Little Ms. Muffet!
 Midtown, Man.
Spirited hair and nice guy
 Union Square, Manhattan

 34th street, Manhattan
Friends walking arm in arm :)