Monday, January 10, 2011



We spoke a fair amount: where he performs (MSG, Rock Center, Times Square), how he settled on gold (it suited him and stood out "some guys do silver, I do gold"), competition and camaraderie between mimes (Times Square Cowboy got mad at him for stealing the show), how he maintains his look (re-applies once a day), how he gets that paint off after a day of work (plain old soap and water), how long he can stay still (2 hours and 35 minutes!!!!!), and how after an experience with a bad manager at Chi Chi's in Philly he decided he'd never work for anyone again....10 years of miming and he hasn't looked back. People were chatting up with us once we got to talking. A father of two, leaning back looking tough said in his strong Carribean accent how his kids would "loooove this guy."  After i asked about his signature sound effects Gregory was kind enough to give us a mini performance. People on the train were smiling. All told, it was a good hang. I sorta felt like a kid too; like i was talking to a snowman or something. As would be expected....

....he left pieces of himself behind.

Until the next....

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