Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm here, I'm here!!! Miss you!!!!!

Sorry for the delay (a week's wait is an unusually long spanse of time). I had computer difficulties. My robot friend was not happy--looks like he stole some pix too. Never fear, though, I've got the best ones right here (below) and a bigger post than usual to make up for the unusual. Enjoy! :)

Bleeker St, Manhattan
Absolutely charming! Emily, The American. Her ability to combine colour was so on point i immediately spotted her across the street. Looking this good and being smart as a whip--no wonder she's technical designer for Marc Jacobs, dahling. But even if she weren't I'd wanna hang with her!
 50th and 8th ave, Manhattan
Jeanmarie, the Frenchman financier in NYC....50th street to be exact. He had a fantastic tweed blazer peeking out from behind the classic steele grey trench. No shabby chic here! ;)
 47th and Lex, Manhattan
These two were a perfect candid pair--poncho (which i will shoot much of because i love) and pom poms hat, big scarves, slung purse, etc. Oh! and yes, I love that they were smiling! Could it be because they have CAFECITO in hand? Hmmmm, drink for thought.
 125th street and St. Nicolas, Manhattan
...I promised more of the poncho. Note the purse tucked UNDER
fur-trimmed hood = yes
 Lafayette and Astor, Manhattan

I took a picture of the doorway for being so dang stylish!

DIANNA. She'd just finished a 3 hour exam on something hard like economic structures or music history and she looked this pulled together?! I distinctly remember being a hot mess come exam time; I actually startled myself once, so..A+ gurlfriend! ;)

 Union Square, Farmer's Market, Manhattan (on a superbly sunny day!!)

The pleated skirt: black and (off-)white.

I just liked the kid train, and the little girl taking care of her brother while simultaneously eye-ing the jelly, so i grabbed the pic
 ...Also, that building with the blue and windows is great. As are the ones below...
She was stellar. I THINK she was Italian. Wish i would've captured from the front as well (I'm working on my quick-draw) but the "seams" in the tights are best from the back, and you can still see her platinum locks, mod cap, and big shades. Also nice amount of texture between the tweed coat, woven leather purse and smooth leather maryjanes.


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  2. great shots j! i love your little comments underneath the pics!

  3. Glad your feeling better :) Love the Frenchman's outfit; he models as if he has experience. And, DIANNA... Nice!!

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  5. Hey Anni, thank you. I'll check it.
    Thanks Charity! You know it's mostly pix but every so often i feel so inspired to add a little copy. xo.
    Gracias Señorita! haha, yes, the Frenchman was quite the styling connoiseur ;) I want a retry though as the conditions were not optimal ;) Yes, I was quite happy to be able to capture Dianna just right! She was a sweetheart. *walking over to see this award of which you wrote* haha