Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Long Overdue Visit from Patrick!

Profile, in context, at The National Arts Club. I like the fur cap creeping into the painting. It recalls a sophisticated Mary Poppins when she and Bert jump into the street vendor's paintings! Gosh, i love that movie!!! 

Do you see it?

This is the way to do a velvet jacket.


  1. wonderful blog
    I am new in blog land
    check it out!
    thanks & congrats
    anni (from brussels belgium)

  2. @ Anni. Thanks! Glad you found me. I'll check it out :)
    @ Lauren, haha. It goes hand in hand with what i wrote on your page. love the sketches!

  3. Am now also your follower ! Your "about me" is fun. Still have to make mine... later...later..