Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Picking-up the Groceries in Style. West Village, NYC.


Love love love this outfit; especially the edges. Check out the boots with the side fringe movement and the earmuffs. Somehow they align well with the shopping bags! 

The French baguette popping out of the bag had the effect of transporting me from freezing NYC to somewhere in France where it's summertime and people ride around on bicycles with bread and children in tow...

...À la prochaine!!


  1. I love the cemeteries of the photo too! The lady is walking the walk.

  2. I really enjoy you pics and your eye for style. It makes me miss NYC really bad. While I lived there I took style, fashion, being unique for granted. It was just a way of New York City life. NYC is a very special place....keep the good stuff on this blog coming. Sparrow.