Friday, March 18, 2011

A quick jaunt in Chinatown and Lil Italy

a walk in the park
 Canal St, Manhattan

Tunnel to the stylist


Rockin the jean skirt

My walking partner :)
African Stylings on Canal. Almost got knifed tryna get some candids. For reals y'all. But obv he agreed to this pic.

Check the shoes. yes.

Cultures converge in laughter at the fish market

I snagged this shot in a millisecond with the camera at three quarter level. One of my fave shots of the day. Pays to be ready ;)


 Now entering: Little, uh.....


Dolls in hats

 Elizabeth n Grand Sts, Manhattan
Yes, it was pumpin some ol' blue eyes

argyle hearts <3 !!

Kim. Pulling off the full beard quite nicely.

Did i mention it was St. Patrick's Day?...

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  1. you show what it is really like !