Tuesday, April 12, 2011


As of my last entry (thanks to rogue instant message communication photo-nabbing) I've reached my 60th blog post! Yay.

Patrick is here to celebrate!

Actually, I remembered I had these shots of his impeccable ensemble from a few weeks ago that I hadn't posted them yet. As noted by the ash cross on his forehead it was Ash Wednesday.

I love the contented look on his face! He's always a gentleman and tolerates my Paparazzi-ing ;)
Of note, beside the wonderful attitude: gloves in pocket, the fold and tuck of the scarf, and the unbuttoned button.
Pumpkin-coloured pants!!

This is part of what makes the outfit so lovely: all the textures. Also, notice the theme of unbuttoned buttons on the wrist. I ought to ask him about this...

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