Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blackberry to Blackberry

Here's a classic stylist: Miguel.

So, yours truly is doing a rogue post!!! Ahhh-hahahahaha! On her brother!!! :D

I have a standing rule that if you don't like the picture i take, I won't post (if you really hate it I'll even delete it for ya). But these pix i didn't take. Nor did i get permission for them :o uh oh! BUT, before you think the less of me: these were sent to me by my Style Compatriot, so, ultimately he knew these were in my ever-blog-posting little fingers! teehee! Also, he will see them shortly, i imagine, and either demand "immediate removal" or allow me to keep them on as specimens of The Style File for you wonderful people (pretty please!...I'll do your chores for a day). That being said, if you are viewing this post now and it's pictures, kudos! If no pics, please accept my sincerest apologies; another post will follow soon hereafter!

You'll have to pardon the pixel-ated pictures sent from a new blackberry to (my old) blackberry (lol), but they'll give you the essence. I'm ever grateful to BBM for keeping us connected via pictorial style sharings.

A few winter looks...

Creamy wingtip brogue oxfords with lilac socks. I love this combo!

London Fog trench. (Minus the bb, this picture could have been taken in 1936).

Asymmetrical Shearling with tie.

Cardigan, collar, and proper hat (...oh! and blackberry;)

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