Saturday, April 2, 2011

A beautiful Impromptu Saturday with my Gals

Little West 12th street, Manhattan

Shani. Tiana. Ting. Charity.
Chatting it up on Little West 12th Street

Living it Out
  Overlooking the Westside, Manhattan

The Highline

Yours Truly
peek a boo!

Shani, candid.

J in Shani's photobooth:



  1. You girls look like you had such an amazing day!! Wish I was there with you guys... Oh, and is that Chelsea Market?? Love that place!!

    Great shots; I really like your profile pics and the photo with the yellow/greenish background.

  2. Wow!!! I love your blog! It's been fun visiting with you. --And "Senorita," we wish you were there!

  3. you had a lot of fun !!
    I love the 'fluo" picture !

  4. you look absolutely amazing!
    love your hair !!!!!


  5. @Senorita, Yes the one with the green background is my fave :) We'll make it out to Chelsea market so you can show me pix of your epic world travels! xoxo.
    @Shani, Thanks girl! To be repeated.
    @Anni, it was great fun!
    @Eveline, thank you! It's funny, i was thinking we have similar hair! ha. Love your various looks!