Monday, April 25, 2011


Hi people,

Sorry I haven't posted. I've been saving up for a camera...and my moment has finally arrived! :D All the photos I've taken and posted on this blog have been with my trusty, though simple, Canon Powershot. I've been researching for months (special thanks to Kirsten Major who helped me with a bunch of tips). I almost got the Canon Rebel because of the quality, price range, and viewfinder but the quality, responsiveness and the micro four thirds technology (and lighter weight) of the Olympus PEN won me over. yayayayayayayayayaya!

****Ahhh, love. Spring is in the air <3***  I'm so thrilled about my long awaited beauty! ;) Thanks to those of you who contributed through bday love gifts.

And, in the spirit of youth and joyfulness, I present to you the inimitable Ingrid:

Upper West Side, 79th and Bway

What a killer smile too!
Her Mother explained to me that she would be very pleased to have her picture taken, especially since she'd decided (utterly against her Mother's wishes) to wear that particular ensemble. Can you remember a moment like this in your life?

On my birthday with a bunch of friends gathered around the dinner table, in the vein of getting older, we discussed the moment we sensed a perfect formation of "grown-up-ness," of autonomy, and personhood.

My good friend told the story of when he was 14 years old in need of a new pair of school uniform pants. His parents had already purchased his uniforms in the beginning of the year, but my dear 6-foot-something friend, who was going through a serious growth spurt at the time, did not appreciate the "flood pant look." He considered it carefully and made a detailed petition to his parents (you must know, he's an architect and good with plans) to have new pants purchased.

No. They said unequivocally, "No."

He then took it upon himself to save up his money, find a tailor, fit for, and purchase the pants. This took some weeks. When, at long last, he came around wearing the pants and his parents saw what he had done of his own accord they made no mention ...and no reprimand. That's when it happened. In that moment his sense of self presented as unequivocally as had been his beloved parents' "NO's." 

I think many of us have these kinds of stories. I would so love to hear them and post them!! What do you think?? Please write me so we can share them :) 

In the meantime, may i point out the matching rainbow on the t-shirt and rainbow socks on Mademoiselle Ingrid? Her Mom told me she selected the fashion jacket under the bomber. (Ingrid, I hope this day and fashion conversation with your Mother was part of your story of personhood and sense of self, too! Much love to you!).
xo, Jacqueline


  1. Ingrid has a great sense of fashion ! go for it girl ! with best wishes from Brussels

  2. Doesn't she? :) Thanks for commenting, Anni!