Thursday, May 5, 2011

Since the Cold Weather Refuses to Give...

Seriously. Where is Spring?!! lol. I've been waiting for MONTHS (we all have here in the northeast!) but the tease days we've had recently are enough to set. it. off.  Argh.
*sigh* Well, here are some vintage fur coats styled by some warm New Yorkers and pictures of buildings made by the talents of which no longer exist.

Grand Central Terminal, NYC                                                
The building across the street from Grand Central Terminal

The elevator

How utilitarian

Say, Ahhh....

This coat she's had for "years and years" is also reverse-able


  1. Great post which brings back great memories

  2. Beaux-Arts architecture 'seasoned' with Art Deco here and there make Grand Central Station a visual feast. Good choice for pix, J!

  3. Thanks Alec! Yes, it definitely inspires me to want to study history and architecture in some depth.

    Thanks Anni! When shall you return for a visit? :)