Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Response to a Call for Submissions ;)

Hi all, 
So, remember when I posted Ingrid's picture? The adorable young lady who styled herself according to her taste, despite her Mother's, ahem, qualms. Well, as it turns out, she's not the only one...

A friend who follows the blog had a story of her own. It took some serious convincing but she finally agreed to share it! yes! :)

Here it is in her own words:

Lol I had a story...but I'm kinda shy. Anyways here it is! For my kindergarten pictures my Mom styled my hair in a way I didn't like very much... So I did just what every 5 year old would do ;) i removed whatever she did! She looked at me and said... "Ok, you figure it out now" and I did! Yes I looked funny, but I loved it! I took one of my Mother's white rose clips and put it right where my bangs were. I was determined! She looked at me, held back her laughter and said, "Let's go to school." I have pictures to prove my ummmm beautiful hairstyle :/ maybe I'll show you the picture... Ha!

Of course after the story, a little bit more convincing and she agreed to relinquish the photograph!! So, without further Ado, I present to you, Miss Lymarie...

Isn't she the most adorable little muffin :) This picture is significant, not just because it marks the start of her school year and entire schooling process which would eventually lead her down the pathway of studying science and see her into her vocational *breath*. This picture is significant because it is witness of her first Independent Act of Style. It is a phrase I am coining (yes, i know, presumptuous, but there it is anyway) and would like us to continue to explore here on Style File! So please keep the submissions coming.

In the meantime, Cheers to the kid inside that sees life, color, and joy in a completely different spectrum! See below the rewards of IAOS (and help me come up with a better abv please?? since International Association for Official Statistics already has that one).



  1. I'm still trying to figure out my Independent Act of Style (IAS) It's so hard when every day i like something new or a new trend or style of clothing or color, and they can't all possibly go together... or can they.....

  2. Haha! Good question Sasoon. That's the challenge right: what do include....What to edit? The great thing is that everyday is a new chance for sartorial exploration and expression!